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In the pre-apocalyptic times of 2017, I sat around with a group of coffee friends at a latte art competition in the Bronx, laughing and reflecting as we usually did. As we uploaded videos and scrolled our social media, I was tired of the old nickname from childhood that was my handle. I was inspired by my 6-year and counting coffee journey and that identity I felt, and wanted to show that. The seed of Black by Demand was planted.


     Fast forward to spring 2020, and after a successful year of consultation work, I felt it! I just knew I was finally ready to launch my own coffee catering business and realize my dream of bringing my unique combination of the love of skill and service to the coffee verse. I partied with new & old friends at the New York Coffee Fest, blissfully unaware of what was to come.

     After many melancholy nights and devastating losses, the pull to create my brand is still beaten within my heart. With many kind words of encouragement and acts of support, Black by Demand Specialty Coffee & Catering launched in September 2021.


     Coffee and coffee shops are sacred because they foster memorable experiences, and my goal is to embrace the connections that great coffee brings.

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