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Coffee for the dreamers & professionals building their brands & businesses in the late hours & early mornings.

Brew your cup of Success, day or night.


We're pleased to announce we'll be opening a cafe kiosk at the South Norwalk Metro North station in Norwalk, CT. Stay tuned for the all the opening deets!

We want to welcome all of our #CoffeeDrops to the Sample Pack that includes, Joy (Decaf), Inspire(Dark Roast) and Celebrate(Medium Roast). 

Testing the product before booking our service is encouraged(even though we know you will LOVE it). As a way to say thank you for indulging in our coffee, we offer you all free shipping. 

Delicia Brown

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised of the bold flavor. I had the dark roast and it could rival any name brand coffee out today. I've been a coffee lover for years, and this was a great addition with my Thanksgiving desserts. I will definitely make another purchase soon."

Anthony Russell

"Love your coffee. Excellent flavor. I couldn't be happier with my selection. I appreciate what you are bringing to the coffee industry."

Tim Olsen

" Tiera shipped the coffee out very quickly, and her packing was delightful. The fact that the coffee was absolutely delicious just makes it all better too. I can't recommend Black by Demand enough!"

Jessica Tapia

"The Celebrate coffee is my fav so far. I ordered the sample pack the first time and came back for more Celebrate! The shipping was so fast too. It's been awesome getting to know Tiera from Twitter as well."

Free Shipping on Your Purchase of $50 or more.

Use Code: ShipFree

Just as much as we love for you to enjoy being your own barista, we know that baristas have a special touch. Allow us to bring our many years of knowledge and service in the industry to provide your guests and yourself with memorable and "talk of the network" cartering or barista services.

We service small gathering to large corporate events. No doubt that your guests will be begging for you to have another company meet-up, tech event, or networking gathering ASAP!

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Welcome to the Cafe!

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